Personal Issues of people affected by cancer

The data are used at both a local and national level by health authorities and the Department of Health to help plan and improve resources for treating and caring for people who have cancer and their carers.

At a national level, the data are used for research into the causes of cancer and to monitor the effectiveness of screening programmes. Also, at a national level, the data are used to help monitor whether cancer treatments are improving outcomes for patients, including monitoring whether or not people with cancer are surviving longer. Additionally, the data are used by many national cancer research organisations, which are doing important work to develop improved tests, treatments and cures for a wide variety of cancers.

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Sargent Cancer Care for Children is a registered UK-wide charity that provides professional help and practical care to children (under 21years of age) diagnosed with cancer, and to their families.

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Sargent care workers support the family at home and in the hospital from the day of diagnosis. Tantric massage sessions with 2 sisters. Sargent also gives financial assistance to families in need, and provides short therapeutic holidays for these young people and their families. 

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